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  • Classic style

    The sandals of the Classic style of Gianluca The leather craftsman are made of calf leather vegetable tanned in italian tanneries with leather or rubber sole. Completelly handmade in Italy by experts of Florentine artisan tradition.

    The sole is hand sewn on the insole to providing a quality finish and higher durability than the industrial system where it is simply glued.

    For coloring the sandals are hand dipped in vegetable color, finished brushing it manually and finally dried in the open air. This process leads as a result of the so-called deeped sandal, which many companies do not practice anymore because requires a work of extreme precision that slows the production times.

  • Glamour style

    The sandals from the Glamour style of Gianluca - The leather craftsman are made from high quality laminated leather from local tanneries. Available in ten fashionable colors: yellow, red, fuchsia, lilac, orange, bronze, titanium, gold, silver and turquoise.

  • Freetime style

    The sandals of the Freetime style of Gianluca The leather craftsman are made of Italian origin calf leather tanned using vegetable. The special of this line is the Vintage effect achieved rubbing the skin, scratching and staining slightly around the sandal sole.

    This type of work gives to the sandal a very aggressive looks and also crease softens the leather, making them very comfortable from the very first use.

    This line is available in all the Classic line colors, dipped or laminated (with the clearer sole).

  • Light style

    The sandals of Light line are distinguished from sandals of the classic line colored dipped for the clared sole. In the realization of this sandal is colored only the upper deeaping in natural colors, and after it is assembled and sewn into the leather sole that keep his natural lighter color.

  • BiColor style

    Sandals of BiColor style (two tone) differ from Light line for the combination of dipped colors with metallic laminated leather. The laces are colored separately after which they are assembled and sewn to the natural sole of clear color.

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  • CLASSIC: sandal in leather colored "dipping" sandal in vegetarian color
  • GLAMOUR: sandal in metallic leather with natural insole
  • FREETIME: sandal undergoes an aging treatment
  • LIGHT: sandal classic style where only the upper is colored and the insole remains natural
  • BICOLOR: sandal in 2 colors with matching laminate and dipped leather
Showing 1 - 12 of 236 items