Frequently asked questions - FAQ

In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions of our clients. For any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: Can I order other colors of sandals?

A: Sandals come in the colors shown on the page colors and styles. Custom product cannot be replaced or refund.

The traditional sandals are colored through the old method of “dipping,” that is, the sandals in raw skin are immersed in the natural color which is absorbed. This color is uniform from the upper shoe surface to the sole though slightly differing. The sole is of pure leather and stiffer compared to the skin of the upper shoe surface, thus absorbing more color. This procedure may slightly taint the user’s feet during the first usage, especially when dealing with black and blue color. But this will stop after having been used for two/three times.

Instead, the sandals with clear soles are made with ready-to-use, vegetable-tanned leathers that are only cut and fixed to the sole through gluing, and then handsewn. With this procedure we are able to “mix” different colors using two or more colors for the upper shoe part and coloring the sole by hand with colors ranging from leather brown to black. Some examples are shown on the page dedicated to two tone styles.

You may buy them simply by writing the desired color in the box dedicated to comments during the order procedure.

Q: Can I request sandals with higher heels?

A: No, our sandals manufacturing techniques do not provide for the use of heels higher than those given.

Q: Can I order completely flat sandals?

A: Yes, but with an additional payment of 10 Euro. The sandals will not be reimbursable or replaced since they are completely customized for you. To place your order, contact us via e-mail.

Q: How do the sandals with the rubber sole look like?

A: Is possible to see the 2 type of rubber sole we make on the colors and styles page. Only the external part of the sole will be in rubber. The surface facing the feet will be anyway in genuine leather.


Q: In what sizes are the sandals available?

A: Our sandals come in regular, medium-width sizes.

Q: What size do you recommend for your sandals?

A: We advise you to take the same size as those for elegant shoes, which is one size smaller than the sportive shoes. We recommend to compare the size of the soles in the Size Chart with the length of your feet. You will find the Size Chart on every product page next to the size selection.

Q: I have wide feet, will your sandals fit me? What size do you suggest?

A: The leather tends to stretch easily, and so if your feet are moderately big, the sandals may initially seem to be tight, but in a short time will adapt to your feet. If your feet are particularly wide, we suggest a size bigger than your usual size.

Q: Do you also take half-sizes or only whole sizes?

A: Half-measurements are not necessary in sandals since they are open, adjustable with buckles, and leave a margin and allowance for the feet’s movements.

Q: I usually take a half size, what size would you suggest for your sandals?

A: As a rule we suggest taking one size lower, for example, for 41½ we suggest a size 41.


Q: How much do you charge for shipments?

A: Shipment costs vary according to the country of delivery and the quantity purchased. You may calculate shipment costs by placing the products you want into the cart where you have the chance to choose the country of destination and calculate the shipment costs in complete anonymity, without registering yourself.

Shipment to Europe, USA and Canada is free for orders above 182 Euro.


Q: I have received defective sandals, what should I do?

A: Our sandals are guaranteed for manufacturing defects for which we provide repairs or replacements if necessary, at our expense. For manufacturing defects, we mean defects that make the sandals unusable such as the loss of a heel, a detached leather string or its breakage, or deep cuts in the leather that are about to break. If one of these problems arises, contact us immediately, and send a photo of the defect to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

The sandals will not be guaranteed if improperly used. This is why we wish to underline that our sandals, like all leather footwear not manufactured on purpose, are not waterproof. The leather softens when wet and easily wear out. As a consequence we strongly advise you not to use them by the sea or in pools. The sandals will thus be not replaced when they bear traces of moist or salt water. We further recommend to be careful and to not expose the sandals to strong heat (over 55°C) so as not to melt the glues used in their manufacture.

Q: I don’t like the sandals I received. Can I return them?

A: All the sandals (except the customized models) can be returned, at the client’s expense, without any reasons required. However they must be returned in the same condition as received. To avoid any disputes, we further suggest that the box be wrapped with common packaging paper in order to preserve the quality of the sandals and the package during the shipping logistics operations.

You will find all the instructions on how to return the package in the returns or through the specific section in your account.

Q: The sandals look like they were used, is it normal?

A: Our Freetime line consists in oldening the sandals to give them a vintage effect. The process consists in scratching the sole, creasing the upper parts and slightly staining the sandals. This line of sandals bears an identification stamp on the inside.

If your sandals have the "Freetime" stamp on the internal sole, they are not used but have a used effect as in the given product descriptions.

Otherwise, contact us and send a photo of the defects found to the following email address: [email protected].

Q: I used the sandals once and they stained my feet. Is it a defect of the sandals?

A: The sandals colored through the “dipping” method may present this problem for the first two/three times they are used. The problem is particularly evident with the black and blue sandals and disappears with time. It is absolutely harmless to the skin since we use only natural colors for our products.